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01 September 2022
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The way we work continues to evolve. For many, the freedom and flexibility afforded by working as a freelancer has proven the most fitting way to make a living. Similarly, access to freelancers can be a valuable and effective way for businesses to fill gaps in expertise or quickly scale resources as a team or project grows.

If you’ve set up as a freelancer or are looking for freelance support for your business one of the most effective ways to place work is by using a dedicated freelance jobs website.

There are many freelance websites available and the one that will work best for you will be based on many factors including industry or type of work, the frequency and volume of jobs and of course the mechanism and reliability of how payments are handled.

How do freelance websites work?

Generally, freelance websites provide a platform for freelancers and businesses to post and apply for jobs. Depending on the site you choose to use they may also require varying degrees of vetting for individuals and clients, handle parts of or the whole workflow and even manage invoicing and payment.

Here we’ve collated some of the best sites and outlined their key features to help you get started.


Perhaps one of the more commonly recognised marketplaces for freelance jobs, Fiverr is a global platform that allows users to list or apply to jobs. Referred to on the site as ‘gigs’, jobs start from just $5.

Gigs are priced per project as opposed to using hourly rates and payments are agreed up front, with payments released once the work is approved.

Fiverr is great for

Choice. Whether it’s price or professional services Fiverr’s global marketplace is extensive and caters to many freelance needs.


As the name suggests PeoplePerHour allows you to set an hourly rate or a fixed project price, depending on the type of work, and invoices are managed through the platform.

The platform uses artificial intelligence to match freelancers to jobs based on their profile, or you can also set up manual job alerts.

PeoplePerHour is great for

Confidence. The money back guarantee, anti-fraud protection and a heavy emphasis on building relationships via the ratings system puts the emphasis on ensuring a positive experience for freelancers and businesses.


Upwork is a global platform that provides much of the functionality you’d expect from a freelance marketplace used by some of the biggest companies. The platform provides freelancers with the ability to pitch for projects, showcase skills or be recruited based on profile and experience as a freelancer.

The platform also allows you to ‘create an agency’ so you can collaborate with other freelancers, or even become an agency owner to pitch for even bigger projects.

Upwork is great for

Big projects. The long-term contract options and ability to collaborate with other freelancers caters to more complex projects, in addition to the more flexible and short term work.


Founded in 2019, this UK-based marketplace sought to make the hiring process faster and easier for agencies and companies looking specifically for freelance creative talent. The client list is carefully curated so that companies looking to hire know they will be working with experienced professionals.

The site has now become a hub for a broad range of experienced individuals and now boasts over 11,000 UK creative freelancers and hiring companies amongst its users.

Wishu is great for

The creative industries. Wishu prides itself on being a freelancer hiring marketplace specifically for the creative industries, matching photographers, videographers, graphic designers, illustrators, stylists, editors, content creators and more with the companies that need their skills.

The Work Crowd

Based in the UK, The Work Crowd is focussed on helping professionals in marketing and communications connect with businesses in the market for these specialist skills.

The business was founded as a response to the need for work flexibility, particularly amongst parents who wanted to keep working without sacrificing time with their families.

The Work Crowd is great for

Marketeers. The platform is built around briefs, freelancers can review and connect with the client to pitch for the work based on your skills and proposal.


Founded in 2018, UnderPinned is focussed on providing freelancers with a platform not only to find work but also to learn how to manage and grow their business.

As a freelancer you have the ability to find and pitch to clients you want to work with, or apply directly to jobs posted on their jobs board.

UnderPinned is great for

Support. For anyone new to freelancing or looking for some extra support UnderPinned provides tools and guidance that will give you the confidence to develop your freelance business.

The Freelancer Club

Founded with a determination to stop exploitation and prevent the bad experiences many freelancers face when trying to get paid for their work, Freelancer Club is focussed on value for freelancers and never promotes unpaid work.

The platform has a community focus and allows creators to showcase their portfolio and collaborate or find individual jobs.

The Freelancer Club is great for

Ethics. Freelancer Club is driven by fair payments, diversity and inclusion to benefit both freelancers and clients.

Creative Commission

With the aim of connecting creatives with paid work in the music industry, the platform is geared towards videographers, animators, designers and photographers.

Built around briefs that can come from musicians, artist management and record labels (commissioners) freelancers can view and pitch to work on these projects.

Creative Commission is great for

Creators. With a broad array of creative project briefs across a range of budgets Creative Commission allows creators to find flexible opportunities to work.


With a global network of over 400,000 freelancers in more than 190 countries, Twine allows businesses to connect with freelancers outside of their local networks.

But if there's a requirement for freelancers in a specific country or city, companies can specify a location too.

Twine is great for

Diversity. Twine is designed for businesses that are prioritising diversity, helping hiring managers reach groups that are under-represented within their organisations.

What insurance do freelancers need?

If you’re currently working as a freelancer or just setting up it’s typically a good idea to consider professional indemnity and public liability insurance, even if you’re working solo remotely. You may also require other covers depending on your industry or circumstance.

If you’re in the market for freelancers’ insurance and you’re not sure where to start, our quote builder can guide you to your appropriate covers. Simply click ‘Start your quote’ and go from there. If you get stuck, our friendly team are ready to help via web chat, phone or email.

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