Freelance posts

Becoming a freelancer is an exciting adventure – arm yourself with all the advice, answers and jargon you'll need with these relevant blog posts from fellow freelancers and self-employment experts.

11 January 24
13 minute read

A guide to going self-employed

Going self-employed can seem like a huge step to take if you've always been an employee. In this guide, we run through all you need to know.

28 November 23
7 minute read

A guide to National Insurance for the self-employed [2023 update]

Freelancers and the self-employed pay their National Insurance contributions a little differently to people employed by a company. Read our guide to the ins and outs of how National Insurance works for the self-employed.

25 August 23
7 minute read

A guide to jury service for the self-employed

If you've been called to sit on a jury, you'll probably have a lot of questions. Here, we answer some common queries about jury service while you’re self-employed, including what expenses you can claim and whether insurance will cover lost income.

01 November 22
3 minute read

6 common mistakes when completing a tax return

Need to file a Self Assessment tax return? Here are some of the most common mistakes people make – and what you can do to set them right.

01 September 22
5 minute read

The best websites for freelance jobs

Getting started as a freelancer can be daunting, we've shared some of the best sites to consider if you’re looking for work as a freelancer.

15 August 22
6 minute read

The UK’s best paid freelance jobs

Find out how much UK freelancers earn within marketing, tech and creative industries – and which freelance jobs pay the highest day rates.

13 June 22
5 minute read

Maternity Pay For The Self-Employed

Whilst Statutory Maternity Pay isn’t available to the self-employed, help is available through the Maternity Allowance. Find out everything you need to know about what is is and how to claim.