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What does ltd company insurance cover?

Whether you're incorporating yourself as a limited company or starting the next big business, our limited company business insurance is designed to cover the risks that could affect you through a build-it-yourself policy.

While every limited company is different, some of our most popular covers that you might want to consider are:

  • Public liability
  • Business contents cover
  • Employers liability
  • Cyber insurance
  • Personal accident
  • Directors' & officers' insurance

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What insurance does a limited company need?

Public liability insurance

If you work with customers, clients or the general public – whether from an office, studio or your own home – you may like to add public liability to your policy.

It protects you if someone has an accident, becomes ill or has their property damaged because of your business. Product liability claims can results in a pricey lawsuit and compensation costs if the claim is successful. Without public liability, you or your limited company would have to cover this yourself. While it's not a legal requirement, some customers or clients will ask that you have it in order to do business with your company.

Employers liability insurance

If your limited company employs people, employers liability insurance is legally required in the UK, even if they're family members. It covers claims made against you by employees if they suffered an accidental injury at your business or as a result of working for you.

Business contents and equipment insurance

Starting a limited company can mean investing in a lot of equipment, like laptops, phones, furniture and specialist machinery. If somethings breaks or gets lost, it can really set you back. Business contents and equipment insurance covers the costs of replacing or repairing your equipment if it gets damaged or goes missing, so you can don't have to worry about downtime.

Cyber insurance

If your business suffered a data breach, it could be fined €20m or 4% of annual turnover, whichever is higher. Not to mention the PR costs to recover if your reputation. Cyber insurance can cover GDPR regulatory penalties, where insurable by law as well as other risks such as hacking and cybercrime.

Directors & officers insurance

Directors & officers insurance, or D&O insurance as it's also known, covers claims made personally against those in the company with management responsibilities. This includes breaches of health and safety laws, misrepresentations in company presentations or errors in reporting.

If a claim is made, the penalties can range from hefty fines to a prison sentence, so it's worth thinking about.

Personal accident insurance

If you or one of your employees suffers an injury which renders you unable to work, personal accident cover is designed to offer compensation.

Limited company insurance FAQs

What is limited company insurance?

Limited company business insurance is a type of business insurance that’s tailored to cover the risks associated with being a limited company.

From one-man bands to teams of 500, limited companies can come in all shapes and sizes, and it's important to get insurance that matches your particular needs as a business.

To make sure you're getting the right cover for your limited company, we'd recommend using our quote builder to see what insurance is most applicable for your business.

Do I need employers liability insurance for a limited company?

If the limited company employs people – regardless of whether they're full-time, part-time, contracting or temporary – employers liability cover is a legal requirement in the UK. To find out more, read our guide to understanding if you need employers liability insurance.

If you're a limited company with employees, the only cover that's legally required is employers liability.

While other covers are not legally required, they can not only help to make sure you're covered for things like accidents, injuries and property damage, but some clients or customers may require you to have insurance to work with you.

Do I need public liability insurance for a limited company?

While public liability cover is not a legal requirement for a limited company, a lot of businesses find this type of insurance worth buying. That's because anyone who was accidentally injured or had their property damaged because of your business – be it members of the public, clients or customers – could make a claim against you. If you didn't have public liability insurance, this could be costly to fix in compensation and legal fees.

Can I buy business insurance before I've incorporated my limited company?

No – when building your quote with us, you'll need to search for and select your limited company. To do this, you need to be registered with companies' house.

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