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Specialist cover for fintech businesses and innovators. If you're shaking up the world of finance, you need fintech insurance that's as cutting edge as you are.

Fintech insurance from Superscript

Following the rapid increase in adoption of technology in the financial sector there are a number of areas that need highly-tailored protection.

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Why Superscript?


We understand you

As fintech specialists, our policies are built to ensure that you’re both covered and regulatorily compliant.


We always find a way

We’re relentless. We challenge the status quo to create the right solutions, with the flexibility to continually optimise.


We stay ahead of risk

We have the courage, expertise and determination needed to put you ahead of an ever-changing environment.

What insurance do fintechs need?

Superscript specialises in understanding and sourcing cover for the complex risks faced by fintechs. Below, we've summarised some of the most common covers required.

Professional indemnity insurance

Our professional indemnity cover (PI) is tailored to the unique risks faced by fintech companies and innovators.

If your clients experience financial loss due to software failures or coding problems, professional indemnity will cover the costs for dealing with these types of claims and will provide PR support to minimise damage to your reputation. If you’re an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) or a Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) there are certain regulatory requirements you must meet in order to obtain your licence.

Taking out a PI policy with Superscript ensures that you meet these regulatory requirements in a quick and cost-efficient way.

Cyber insurance

Innovations in the finance industry mean that mountains of sensitive data are now stored online, where it's at risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches.

With the rising trend of costly hacks and ransomware events, even the best security infrastructure isn't immune to hackers, so a solid plan B is vital. Our cyber insurance for fintech businesses provides one of the most advanced protection available.


With Superscript, there's no need to obtain a separate crime policy. Our fintech insurance has crime protection included as standard. This means you'll be covered where there is theft of your own funds, or any client money that you are responsible for.

We cover theft carried out by both electronic and physical means committed by both your employees and outside third parties.

Fines and compliance

Fintech has to navigate its fair share of regulation, with PSD2 and GDPR bringing yet more responsibilities and potential fines. Even when you do everything in your power to remain compliant, issues can still slip through the net - that's why having cover for legally insurable defence costs and penalties is so important.

This essential cover comes as standard in our fintech wording and is a must have for businesses operating at the intersection of finance and technology.

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What our clients say

David and Hugo were an immense help in securing our business needs and turning around our requests allowing no change to our business momentum. Superscript have been amazing to work with, they understand both a start-ups needs for pace, but also the FinTech industry. There was no need for further explanation, they just knew what we needed.

Frederika Johnstone, Head of Operations, Banked

This is our second year working with Superscript, they really understand Fintech and made it super easy for us to get our covers. Would recommend them to anyone!

Maurizio Kaiser, Co-founder, Ikigai

From the very beginning of the process, Superscript were knowledgeable and professional, and managed to come up with the right policy for us under very tight time frames. We will recommend them to other startups and scaleups.


Superscript were great in helping us get coverage for our AI skin cancer service. We had spoken to a number of brokers as we tried to get insurance for our AI but ultimately, none were able to get underwriters around the table to understand the business and coverage needed. Superscript did that and then helped create a new policy type to get us the coverage we needed. Recommend.


We had a breach and the insurance and legal support we got was invaluable. Superscript walked us through the whole thing including media and customer relations.

ID verification service

It was very quick and easy to claim. Our account manager replied within minutes, confirmed the details and we had the money in our account within 48 hours.

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