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The Baseline

2 Dec 2019
2 minute read

The 12 risks of Xmas: on the first day of Xmas...

During festivities, security can slip, creating the perfect opportunity for thieves to strike. Here's risk number one of the 12 risks of Christmas.

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26 Nov 2019
8 minute read

A Founder's Journey with Superscript

Agora Presents gathers a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to hear about Cam and Ben's journey so far and the importance of partnerships for start-ups.

25 Nov 2019
1 minute read

Funding Xchange: the direct way to startup growth

Funding Xchange ensures that you never pay more than going direct to a lender, businesses can receive funding within 24 hours of making an application.

21 Nov 2019
5 minute read

The myths around cyber threats and the staggering reality

We have picked the most widely-accepted myths to help business owners rethink and assess the risk areas and start mapping out defence strategies.

15 Nov 2019
6 minute read

Insuring Web 3.0: Blockchain and Digital Currencies

Bitcoin makes its financial services accessible to anyone, at any time, anywhere in the world. What does this mean for the insurance industry?

10 Oct 2019
3 minute read

Mental Health Day feature: Unmind

"People are now really recognising that mental wellbeing is a significant issue to consider and something that is really affecting the way they work."

9 Oct 2019
4 minute read

Top 7 most comprehensive tools for mental wellbeing

Awareness around mental health has brought with it some pretty innovative support tools. Whether you're in need of Calm or Happify, there's one for everyone.

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8 Oct 2019
5 minute read

Top 10 European tech and startup events this year

We’ve put together a roundup of the top 10 events in the industry that are happening in the remaining months of the year.

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4 Oct 2019
2 minute read

Digital Risks wins Best Newcomer at the Insurance Choice Awards 2019

A finalist in two categories, Digital Risks, the insurtech startup, has won the the Best Newcomer at the 2019 Insurance Choice Awards.

24 Sep 2019
2 minute read

Challenger²: a collaboration towards an innovative future

We're excited to announce our partnership with Starling Bank. Three things make a successful business partnership - opportunity, common goal and transparency.