The Baseline

23 Mar 2022
5 minute read

What types of pension schemes are there in the UK?

It's never too early to start saving for retirement – discover what pensions are most suitable for you with this guide.

22 Mar 2022
14 minute read

Understanding Bitcoin through an ESG lens

As Bitcoin becomes a major cog in the global financial system, we hear more warnings surrounding Bitcoin’s impact on the environment. So, is Bitcoin a net good or bad influence on society?

21 Mar 2022
4 minute read

What is the retirement age in the UK?

Understanding when you can stop working will help you work out how much pension you need to retire, especially if you're self-employed. Find out what you need to think about here.

18 Mar 2022
5 minute read

National minimum wage: what employers need to know

What is the current national minimum wage, living wage and real wage? And what's the difference? Find out here in this handy guide.

15 Mar 2022
7 minute read

What the National Insurance rate rise means for small businesses

The UK government has announced that on 6th April 2022, the rate of National Insurance payable by employers, employees and the self-employed will increase by 1.25%. We break down what this means for small businesses around the UK.

10 Mar 2022
10 minute read

A guide to consumer rights for small businesses

Ever since the introduction of the Consumer Rights Act in 2015, businesses have had to observe certain rules and regulations when selling goods and services. We run down what small businesses need to know.

8 Mar 2022
6 minute read

6 companies' commitments to equality, diversity and inclusion

To celebrate International Women's Day, we're shining a spotlight on the companies that are making it their mission to Break the Bias – IWD's theme for 2022.

4 Mar 2022
10 minute read

Best accounting software for small businesses

Accounting software is a no-brainer for getting your finances organised and automated. Here's our list of the top platforms on offer.

3 Mar 2022
8 minute read

A guide to finding the right tenant for your property

When letting out your property, finding the right tenants is a crucial part of protecting your investment and your home. We run down the key things to consider when selecting who to rent to.

28 Feb 2022
4 minute read

World Book Day 2022: Star reads

Superscript's Leadership Team's favourite reads of the last 12 months, brought to you in celebration of World Book Day 2022.