The Baseline

27 Jan 2022
5 minute read

Top trends in distributed ledger technology

Our roundup of the developments and trends that are driving the distributed ledger technology landscape in 2022.

26 Jan 2022
9 minute read

A guide to your responsibilities as a landlord

Being a landlord comes with a lot of important responsibilities. We run down the key things to be aware of when you own a rental property.

25 Jan 2022
8 minute read

Tax guide for self-employed professionals

Being self-employed comes with many responsibilities, including taxes. In this guide, we explain tax basics for self-employed professionals.

24 Jan 2022
7 minute read

How the Green Claims Code affects your business

In an era of increasing environmental consciousness, we explain how you can successfully and honestly advertise your business’ environmental credentials and follow the’ Green Claims Code’?

20 Jan 2022
2 minute read

What should startup businesses look for in an insurer?

With differing risks and requirements to an established business, find out what you should look for in an insurer to cover your scaling company.

19 Jan 2022
5 minute read

What is greenwashing? And how can you avoid it?

Greenwashing is detrimental to the sustainability efforts of brands that are trying to be more eco-friendly. Make confident green claims with our guide on how to recognise and avoid it.

17 Jan 2022
2 minute read

Self care and mental wellbeing at work

With concerns around individuals’ mental health coming into ever sharper focus in recent years, here is our collection of useful articles around mental wellbeing and self care at work, this Blue Monday.

11 Jan 2022
4 minute read

What insurance does my startup need?

Discover which covers are most relevant to your growing business and why you need them in the third installment of our startup series.

11 Jan 2022
6 minute read

What are tradesmen pay rates for 2022?

Find out how much UK tradesmen, from builders to window cleaners, are charging per day and per hour in 2022.

10 Jan 2022
2 minute read

Superscript partners with Cashplus Bank

We’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with Cashplus Bank to offer flexible insurance to the UK’s small business community through the bank’s digital SME marketplace.