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Mai has extensive experience scaling brands and driving growth across businesses from start-ups through to multi-million pound enterprises, with a diverse marketing background that spans FMCG, lifestyle, retail, ecommerce and tech. As Superscript’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mai has overall responsibility for growth marketing and brand building. She was the brains behind Superscript’s transformational rebrand and repositioning from Digital Risks.

04 August 20
5 minute read

Will technology take over our jobs?

Will technology take our jobs? What jobs will survive and what roles will be automated? Read our analysis of automation, technology and the future of work.

29 July 20
3 minute read

Digital Risks becomes Superscript

Cameron Shearer, CEO and co-founder, explains why it was time to say bye to the name Digital Risks and what makes him so excited about Superscript.

01 July 20
4 minute read

Urban - a new wellness industry standard

COVID-19 has brought new challenges to the wellness industry. Find out how Urban is helping companies to set new standards.

22 June 20
5 minute read

Lessons from 8 top brands on CSR post-pandemic

CSR focus has been changed forever by Covid-19. But what should we expect from brands? From social good to the environment - find out now.

18 June 20
5 minute read

Post-pandemic safety: what to expect

From China’s green light apps to online safety advances, how will coronavirus change the relationship between tech and safety? Can we have both? Read more.

08 June 20
4 minute read

Generation Z. Born to heal the global economy

They grew up during recession and are graduating in a pandemic. From instincts and diversity to tech and selling, Gen Z are born entrepreneurs. Read why.

05 June 20
4 minute read

12 tips for small business success

Why do small businesses fail? Here are some of the top reasons for start-up failure and 12 tips to help your business succeed.