The Baseline

1 Sep 2016
1 minute read

What can we learn from the Sage data breach?

The business world has been gripped by the Sage data breach, caused its share price to tumble. What can we learn from this?

30 Aug 2016
4 minute read

Social media risks and how to avoid them

Social media can be invaluable for small businesses, but operating in a real time, fast moving isn't without pitfalls. What should you watch out for?

25 Aug 2016
1 minute read

How do I insure my stuff overnight in a coworking space

Find out how to insure your kit overnight in a co-working space

23 Aug 2016
3 minute read

5 top tips to scope your competition

Top 5 tips to find out what your competition are doing – then beat them at it.

22 Aug 2016
4 minute read

Tips for freelancers to avoid late payments

Simple tips for freelancers on avoiding late payments

18 Aug 2016
3 minute read

Simple steps to prevent employee data misuse

Simple business steps to prevent employee data misuse

17 Aug 2016
1 minute read

Buying business insurance online vs offline

Is it okay to buy business insurance online, or should I speak to a broker?

16 Aug 2016
4 minute read

A guide to big brand startup programmes

Big brand startup-up programmes – what you need to know

15 Aug 2016
1 minute read

The new Blackberry won't keep your data safe

Why the new BlackBerry alone will not keep your data safe

8 Aug 2016
3 minute read

A small business guide to cyber security

Why small businesses should care about cybersecurity