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The Baseline

9 Oct 2020
6 minute read

How to write a business plan

In this simple guide, we set out how to go about writing a business plan and the key sections to include.

8 Oct 2020
1 minute read

Superscript Becomes a Registered Lloyd’s Broker

We’re really pleased to say we have become a registered Lloyd’s Broker.

6 Oct 2020
5 minute read

How to find a business partner

Start your search for a business partner with a tried and tested method. Our simple guide explains how, where and when to meet your business match.

2 Oct 2020
6 minute read

The soft skills we all need for the future of work

What soft skills do we need for the future of work? With fears of automation taking over jobs, and growing competition for roles, here are the 12 soft skills you need to stay ahead.

Trends / 
1 Oct 2020
4 minute read

Covid-19 and the climate crisis: an opportunity for action

Experts claim COVID-19 is a result of the climate crisis. Is this the moment that people start listening to experts? Find out how we can respond to the climate crisis in a post-Covid world.

29 Sep 2020
1 minute read

Superscript's new advertising campaign

Have you spotted our new campaign around the UK? Our Chief Marketing Officer Mai tells us about how it came together.

28 Sep 2020
6 minute read

An introvert’s guide to networking

Networking is essential for a successful career. But how do you navigate networking as an introvert? Our 10-step guide shows you how.

25 Sep 2020
4 minute read

Top 5 unicorns in the UK

Unicorns are the rare startups valued at more than $1 billion. We look at 5 of the top unicorns in the UK, and what sets them apart from the herd.

23 Sep 2020
7 minute read

A guide to taxes for self-employed professionals

Being self-employed comes with many responsibilities - one of which is taxes. In this guide, we explain the basics when it comes to taxes for self-employed professionals.

22 Sep 2020
6 minute read

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is everywhere. But what is it and why? Let's go back to the basics - find out how it works and what future applications may look like.