The Baseline

3 Aug 2023
4 minute read

Navigating regulatory ambiguity in femtech

Ambiguous regulations in the femtech space can leave you scratching your head. We outline the current state of regulatory play, as well as some steps you can take to protect your business.

25 Jul 2023
4 minute read

National minimum wage: what employers need to know [2023 update]

What is the current national minimum wage, living wage and real wage? And what's the difference? Find out here in this handy guide.

6 Jul 2023
4 minute read

PSD2 is getting a makeover

PSD3 looms on the horizon. So what does this mean for your company? Read on to find out.

4 Jul 2023
3 minute read

Top trends from London Tech Week 2023

London Tech Week is a global celebration of innovative tech and inspirational leaders, so read on to see our top themes from 2023 and to unpack what industry thinkers are buzzed about.

28 Jun 2023
1 minute read

Regulators revoke PayrNet’s licence

In light of concerns around PayrNet, we are here to help with any insurance related questions.

14 Jun 2023
7 minute read

14 ways to create an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace in 2023

We caught up with six LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, LGBTQ+ founders and diversity and inclusion advocates to get their top tips for building an inclusive workplace.

13 Jun 2023
5 minute read

A landlord’s guide to guarantors

Everything a landlord needs to know about guarantors – when to use one, who can be one, and how to adjust your tenancy agreements. We even cover the implications for your landlord insurance.

12 Jun 2023
3 minute read

The rise of femtech

Femtech is a rising star in the medical technology field and received record levels of funding last year. But understanding the nuances of insuring a niche sector like this can be a headache, so we’ve laid the foundations in our latest blog.

6 Jun 2023
4 minute read

Are regulatory roadblocks hampering ambition?

The UK is often seen as a place that is 'open for business', but recently a number of high-profile regulatory delays have meant that major companies are now considering listing overseas instead.

1 Jun 2023
6 minute read

A guide to National Insurance for the self-employed [2023 update]

Freelancers and the self-employed pay their National Insurance contributions a little differently to people employed by a company. Read our guide to the ins and outs of how National Insurance works for the self-employed.