The Baseline

12 Jul 2017
1 minute read

Get your business behind cyber-security

Only a proactive approach to security will keep hackers out. It's time for cyber security to come out of the back room and into the heart of the business.

11 Jul 2017
4 minute read

Get your business on track after a break in

Having your business equipment stolen is traumatic, expensive and disruptive. Here's a checklist of the steps you need to take to get back on your feet.

29 Jun 2017
4 minute read

What the Grabble guys did next...

Grabble took the fashion world by storm when it launched three years' ago. Here founder, Daniel Murray, tells us about what they've been up to!

28 Jun 2017
4 minute read

8 key habits of magnetic people

Developing charisma is particularly useful for entrepreneurs. Fancy upping your charisma quota? Then try to adopt some of the following behaviours.

26 Jun 2017
3 minute read

10 reasons why you need business insurance

Business insurance isn't the most exciting part of starting and running your own business. Here's 10 reasons you need it!

16 Jun 2017
3 minute read

Election impact on SMEs and digital businesses

Find out what a hung parliament means for SMEs and digital businesses.

16 Jun 2017
3 minute read

How six world famous brands got their names

Choosing a name is a big decision. There's often a story behind the moniker. Here's some inspiration.

12 Jun 2017
3 minute read

Powerful apps to improve business ops

Running a business is stressful and time-consuming. We've listed 9 of the most powerful apps that can help improve your business operations.

8 Jun 2017
1 minute read

Why brokers need to think about millennials

Insurance Business interviewed Cameron Shearer, CEO Superscript about the millennial generations view on insurance and the digital world.

2 Jun 2017
2 minute read

Landing helicopters to landing investment

Helipaddy is the must-have tool for helicopter pilots, helping them discover, store and share heli-friendly landing sites. Paddy Wills explains more.