The Baseline

25 Jun 2020
4 minute read

10 podcasts for entrepreneurs

With over 60,000 business podcasts and almost 7,000 dedicated to entrepreneurship, where to start? With this list of 10 awesome podcasts for entrepreneurs.

24 Jun 2020
5 minute read

Checklist for managing your freelance cashflow

Getting to grips with your cash flow management is an essential part of freelance life. We spoke to Albert Azis-Clauson, CEO and co-founder of UnderPinned to get his take on managing cash flow as a freelancer.

23 Jun 2020
3 minute read

How to upskill yourself

Planning a career change or launching a side hustle? It’s time to upskill. We review the best free, online platforms for learning new skills.

22 Jun 2020
5 minute read

Lessons from 8 top brands on CSR post-pandemic

CSR focus has been changed forever by Covid-19. But what should we expect from brands? From social good to the environment - find out now.

18 Jun 2020
5 minute read

Post-pandemic safety: what to expect

From China’s green light apps to online safety advances, how will coronavirus change the relationship between tech and safety? Can we have both? Read more.

17 Jun 2020
6 minute read

Managing cash flow as a freelancer

Getting to grips with cash flow management is an essential part of freelance life. We spoke to Albert Azis-Clauson of UnderPinned to get his top tips.

16 Jun 2020
5 minute read

How to start a business on a budget

Is it possible to start a business with no money? Yes - and no. Find out what you can do to get your idea off the ground.

12 Jun 2020
3 minute read

13 top tips for communicating online

Most of our communications now happen online. If you want to get better at your communication, whether in writing or on video, check out our top tips.

10 Jun 2020
6 minute read

Esports and crypto | an age old love affair

Esports and cryptocurrency are a modern tale of Romeo and Juliet. In this article, our Insurance Lead, Ben Davies, explains why in five points.

8 Jun 2020
4 minute read

Generation Z. Born to heal the global economy

They grew up during recession and are graduating in a pandemic. From instincts and diversity to tech and selling, Gen Z are born entrepreneurs. Read why.