The Baseline

16 Jun 2020
5 minute read

How to start a business on a budget

Is it possible to start a business with no money? Yes - and no. Find out what you can do to get your idea off the ground.

12 Jun 2020
3 minute read

13 top tips for communicating online

Most of our communications now happen online. If you want to get better at your communication, whether in writing or on video, check out our top tips.

10 Jun 2020
6 minute read

Esports and crypto | an age old love affair

Esports and cryptocurrency are a modern tale of Romeo and Juliet. In this article, our Insurance Lead, Ben Davies, explains why in five points.

8 Jun 2020
4 minute read

Generation Z. Born to heal the global economy

They grew up during recession and are graduating in a pandemic. From instincts and diversity to tech and selling, Gen Z are born entrepreneurs. Read why.

5 Jun 2020
4 minute read

12 tips for small business success

Why do small businesses fail? Here are some of the top reasons for start-up failure and 12 tips to help your business succeed.

2 Jun 2020
5 minute read

Best jobs for working remotely

If you’re looking to make the leap to full-time home based or remote work, here are some options to inspire you.

28 May 2020
4 minute read

10 tips for managing a remote team

Effectively managing an office-based team doesn't always translate to good remote team management. We've put together 10 tips to help you.

19 May 2020
6 minute read

Starting a business with your partner

Starting a business with your life partner? Find out how founders of web and app agency M10c are doing it.

18 May 2020
4 minute read

Take your business from daydream to day job

Want to launch an online business, but not sure where to start? Online business founders share their top tips for success.

16 May 2020
4 minute read

5 awesome apps for wellbeing

Our take on the 5 best wellbeing apps out there. Seize the day - we’re behind you.