The Baseline

7 Jan 2022
5 minute read

How to unlock the metaverse for business

A guide to metaverses, why you might be reading more about them and what these digital environments could mean for businesses.

6 Jan 2022
2 minute read

How to write an effective job description (including template)

Find the right person for your vacancies with our tips for writing an effective job description, including a detailed, free, downloadable template.

6 Jan 2022
7 minute read

How to find investors for your business

12 top tips for finding investors to grow your small business.

21 Dec 2021
4 minute read

The creeping risks of underinsurance

From breaching terms of contracts to forcing a change in your business' risk tolerance, being underinsured comes with a variety of problems and is becoming more common.

16 Dec 2021
4 minute read

8 reasons why startups need insurance

As a new business, you might not think you need insurance just yet. But here are eight reasons why it's a safe bet and could even benefit your startup.

15 Dec 2021
7 minute read

Employee rewards that are better than cash

Bonuses and commission may be two traditional ways of rewarding your employees for their hard work, but there are plenty of ways to reward your staff other than with money.

14 Dec 2021
2 minute read

Superscript pledges net zero carbon emissions target

We're now an official signatory of Tech Zero – a climate action campaign for tech companies that are committed to fighting climate change.

13 Dec 2021
6 minute read

A guide to filing micro entity accounts

Every business in the UK must file their company accounts each year with Companies House. Read our guide for small businesses trying to navigate this often complex process.

7 Dec 2021
5 minute read

What is decentralised finance for insurance?

A guide to decentralised finance, how it compares to the traditional insurance model and ways it could help insure emerging technologies and their unique risks.

1 Dec 2021
7 minute read

How to protect your business from flood damage

Your business is more likely to be impacted by flooding than any other natural disaster, and the costs associated can be enormous.