The Baseline

15 Feb 2022
8 minute read

How to start a dog walking business

If you love pups, fresh air and exercise, becoming a dog walker could be for you. Find out what it takes with our step-by-step guide to starting a dog walking business.

9 Feb 2022
5 minute read

Random acts of kindness ideas for businesses

Discover how your business can help your community, employees and those in need with this list of ways to give back.

8 Feb 2022
6 minute read

Employing an apprentice – what you need to know

Apprentices can add a lot of value to your business – but how do you hire them? And what funding is available to businesses? Read on for our guide to apprenticeships in the UK.

4 Feb 2022
6 minute read

A landlord's guide to inspecting your property

All landlords must strike a balance between actively ensuring their properties are well maintained and leaving their tenants to quietly enjoy use of their home. Enjoy our guide to how to perform the perfect property inspection.

3 Feb 2022
5 minute read

DIY business ideas: things to make and sell from home

Fancy yourself as a crafty entrepreneur? Let us inspire you with a the top 10 homemade things to sell, including candles, crochet and art prints.

31 Jan 2022
8 minute read

Your rights as a landlord

Landlords’ responsibilities in the UK are well documented, with regulations and legislation in place to protect tenants’ rights. Here, we examine what rights you can enjoy as a landlord.

31 Jan 2022
1 minute read

SuperscriptQ launches. An advisory service for emerging risks.

Find out more about SuperscriptQ, a digitally-driven insurance advisory service for businesses with emerging and hard-to-place risks.

27 Jan 2022
5 minute read

Top trends in distributed ledger technology

Our roundup of the developments and trends that are driving the distributed ledger technology landscape in 2022.

26 Jan 2022
9 minute read

A guide to your responsibilities as a landlord

Being a landlord comes with a lot of important responsibilities. We run down the key things to be aware of when you own a rental property.

25 Jan 2022
8 minute read

Tax guide for self-employed professionals

Being self-employed comes with many responsibilities, including taxes. In this guide, we explain tax basics for self-employed professionals.