The Baseline

23 Nov 2016
3 minute read

What sets the top start-up CEOs from the rest

There are a multitude of factors involved in the success or failure of any new venture. Find out what sets the best start-up CEOs apart from the rest!

14 Nov 2016
2 minute read

Boost your product offering with IoT

Over the last decade, innovation in technology has moved at an astounding pace. Boost your product offering with Internet of Things technology.

7 Nov 2016
1 minute read

Why every startup CEO needs a mentor

Many startups take on a business mentor or coach whose role is to provide advice to the whole business. Find out why every startup CEO needs a mentor.

1 Nov 2016
1 minute read

Digital Risks - top EMEA insurtech startup

Digital Risks has been named one of top 7 InsurTech start-ups in EMEA

12 Oct 2016
1 minute read

Avoid common cyber security mistakes

Cyber attacks & data breaches are among the biggest risks facing small businesses. We've listed the most common cyber security mistakes & how to avoid them

26 Sep 2016
1 minute read

How to respond to a cyber-attack

From getting to the bottom of a cyber-attack to your legal response and crisis PR, we explain how to respond to a cyber-attack.

1 Sep 2016
1 minute read

What can we learn from the Sage data breach?

The business world has been gripped by the Sage data breach, caused its share price to tumble. What can we learn from this?

5 Jul 2016

Digital Risks finalist in UK broker awards

Digital Risks announced as finalist in UK Broker Awards

25 Jun 2016
1 minute read

InsurTech Superscript Announces Aviva Partnership

InsurTech broker, Superscript, Announces Aviva Partnership

31 May 2016
1 minute read

Insurance for cyber risks | Key considerations

When designing cyber cover, insurers must take into account a business's liability to its customers and it's potential impacts on the business itself.