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25 Jul 2018
4 minute read

How to be a master of persuasion

It's not what you say, it's how you say it - especially when it comes to business. Find out how to master the art of persuasion in the workplace.

16 Jul 2018
4 minute read

Digital Risks raises £2.25m to simplify insurance

Digital Risks has raised £2.25m in an investment round led by Concentric, with from Seedcamp, London Co-Investment Fund, Beazley and Atami Capital.

12 Jul 2018
3 minute read

How to respond to a GDPR breach

Our Chief Underwriting Officer explains how businesses should react in the event of a cyber security breach and how to regain customers' confidence.

9 Jul 2018
3 minute read

Basic steps you need to cover to build your brand identity

Brand is everything. Logos and slogans may be the first to come to mind, but there's far more to a good brand. Find out how to build a solid brand identity.

4 Jul 2018
1 minute read

Digital Risks wins Best Insurance Startup

Digital Risks wins Best Insurance Startup at British Insurance Awards

29 Jun 2018
3 minute read

What can businesses learn from the Ticketmaster hack?

Ticketmaster has come under fire following data breach, allegedly due to malware, that led to the loss of customer details. What can we learn from this?

28 Jun 2018
4 minute read

8 super cool uses of AR and VR technology

Augmented and virtual reality isn't just for your typical gamer. Find out how AR and VR tech is being put to use for healthcare purposes and elsewhere.

22 Jun 2018
4 minute read

Why cyber threat hunting is the new frontier in cybersecurity

A step above basic cyber security measures, some companies are implementing threat hunting as part of their cyber security strategy.

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11 Jun 2018
4 minute read

Facts vs Faith: How to value an early stage business

Coming up with a business valuation is a right-of-passage for founders, usually when you're out 'cap in hand' to investors. So what's the best approach?

5 Jun 2018
4 minute read

How to be an innovative leader

Trying to get a start-up off the ground? Developing your own leadership skills can take a backseat - but it shouldn't. Here's how to remedy the situation.