The Baseline

23 Sep 2021
5 minute read

Young entrepreneurs share their 13 top business tips

How do entrepreneurs develop their business ideas, from start-up to scale up? We asked young entrepreneurs for their advice, and they shared 13 practical tips.

22 Sep 2021
5 minute read

How to start a business from home

Starting a business from home? Here are 12 practical tips to set yourself up for success.

17 Sep 2021
5 minute read

Top 10 thriving UK tech companies

A roundup of unicorns and fast-growth startups that are rising rapidly in the UK technology landscape.

10 Sep 2021
4 minute read

Pros and cons of the agile approach

The agile methodology could help your team deliver value faster and more efficiently. Find out if it could work for your business here.

8 Sep 2021
4 minute read

A basic guide to Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? And how does it work? Get the answers to the most common Bitcoin-related questions here, including a glossary of terms.

3 Sep 2021
6 minute read

Mistakes to avoid when freelancing

Making mistakes as a freelancer can cost you time and money. Learn the most common pitfalls from freelancers and their tips to avoid them.

2 Sep 2021
8 minute read

31 home business ideas

Turn your casa into a company HQ with our list of potential business ideas that you can start from your own four walls.

1 Sep 2021
4 minute read

Secure cloud storage for small businesses

When choosing a cloud storage provider, security is often a priority. So is cloud storage really safe? And which security features should you look out for?

1 Sep 2021
6 minute read

How to network as a freelancer

Networking has so many professional benefits for freelancers. Learn 10 tips to up your networking game from freelancers themselves here.

31 Aug 2021
6 minute read

Investing spare cash when you're self employed

Finance expert Ken Okoroafor of The Humble Penny shares how to make your spare cash work harder with top tips for investing when you're self-employed.