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The Baseline

17 Sep 2020
4 minute read

10 celebrities who used their fame to create successful businesses

From Rihanna to Ashton Kutcher, meet the celebrities who have leveraged their fame to create seriously successful businesses.

16 Sep 2020
6 minute read

What insurance do advertising and creative agencies need?

Creativity and innovation go together, but with technology comes new risks. Find out about the most common risks faced by creative agencies and the covers that can offer protection.

15 Sep 2020
4 minute read

Top 10 thriving UK tech companies

We’ve gathered a top ten tech unicorns and fast-growth startups that are making their breakthrough in the UK technology landscape.

11 Sep 2020
3 minute read

Travel the world and work from anywhere. Is the life of a digital nomad the future of business?

More and more people are choosing the digital nomad life. Finally, you can travel the world while holding down a job. Here’s how.

11 Sep 2020
2 minute read

A crafty response to lockdown

Our data brings to life how entrepreneurial Brits responded to lockdown, as well as the ambition and resilience of the UK’s small businesses.

9 Sep 2020
5 minute read

Is flexible working the future of work?

More and more companies are giving staff flexibility about where and when they work. Is the 9-5 job dead?

7 Sep 2020
6 minute read

What to consider before becoming an IT contractor

Making the switch from a permanent role to contracting requires some preparation and there's plenty to consider before you make the change. In this article, we outline some of the things to think about.

4 Sep 2020
4 minute read

What contractors need to know about IR35 and off-payroll tax

IR35 is an important legislation for contractors and freelancers. In this article, we explore what it means and how the off-payroll tax update impacts contracts.

3 Sep 2020
5 minute read

How SMEs can prepare for uncertain times

What have we learned from COVID-19 about business continuity? Read our top tips on how small businesses can prepare for uncertain times.

1 Sep 2020
2 minute read

Superscript named to the 2020 CB Insights Fintech 250 list of fastest-growing fintech startups

We’re thrilled to announce that CB Insights has named Superscript to the third annual Fintech 250!