The Baseline

1 Nov 2023
3 minute read

9 AI firms revolutionising healthcare

Meet nine artificial intelligence companies across the UK and Europe that are making waves in the healthcare sector.

24 Oct 2023
3 minute read

Unboxing the trends of women in tech

Women are underrepresented in tech, making up just 26% of the industry workforce. Discover which challenges they face, and unpack trends in this space.

18 Oct 2023
3 minute read

Mitigating the unique risks tech companies can face

Tech companies face a number of unique risks, but luckily there are various insurance solutions available to address them. Read on to learn how.

17 Oct 2023
2 minute read

Superscript becomes TSB's official small business insurance provider

We've partnered up with the high-street bank provide its small business banking customers with personalised business insurance. Find out more.

13 Oct 2023
3 minute read

What do staff want at a work Christmas party?

What do employees enjoy about company Christmas parties? And in a tough economic climate, what’s the best use of your budget? Our survey has answers.

5 Oct 2023
7 minute read

15 UK-based digital health startups to watch

We work with some of the most innovative and exciting healthtech and medtech startups, here are 15 UK-based startups we think are driving the industry.

19 Sep 2023
4 minute read

Is now the time for cyber insurance?

In our increasingly digital world, and with cyber crime on the rise, is there an optimum time of year to buy cyber insurance?

13 Sep 2023
6 minute read

Get your business on track after a break in

Having your business equipment stolen is traumatic, expensive and disruptive. Here's our checklist of the steps you should take to get back on your feet.

12 Sep 2023
3 minute read

A limit to growth? Tech’s Malthusian check

Venture capital investment value has dropped significantly this year, so our Director of Advisory David Dickson asks is this part of the natural startup cycle?

6 Sep 2023
4 minute read

What new SEC cybersecurity rules mean for bitcoin miners

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently announced sweeping changes to cybersecurity reporting that will have a profound impact. Are you prepared?