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7 May 2021
4 minute read

Auto-renewals cost small businesses billions in 2020

Micro-businesses in the UK lost between £3 - £5.75 billion in 2020 because annual contracts and subscriptions were renewed without their knowledge.

6 May 2021
10 minute read

Best accounting software for small businesses

Accounting software is a no-brainer for getting your finances organised and automated. Here's our list of the top platforms on offer.

5 May 2021
7 minute read

How to become a self-employed accountant

Ready to become a freelance accountant? Discover the qualifications you'll need, an average freelance accounting salary and how to find your first clients.

4 May 2021
3 minute read

What is business turnover and how do you calculate it?

Turnover is a key indicator of a business’s performance. Find out exactly what it is, why it's important and how to calculate your business turnover here.

30 Apr 2021
2 minute read

What is run-off cover?

If you've retired or are changing careers, run-off cover can protect you from mistakes that come to light after you've stopped working or changed careers.

29 Apr 2021
4 minute read

What is an Employer Reference Number?

Your employer reference number (ERN) is a unique identifier for your business. Our guide walks you through who needs an ERN, why and when.

28 Apr 2021
2 minute read

What is a UTR number?

Confused about UTR numbers? Get the answers you need, like what it is, how to find it and what to do about a lost UTR number.

27 Apr 2021
3 minute read

Five tips for digital marketing success

From quick wins to longer term gains, our partner Yell shares their top tips for boosting your digital marketing strategy in 2021.

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26 Apr 2021
5 minute read

A guide to stocktaking for small businesses

Everything you need to know to take inventory quickly and effectively for your business.

21 Apr 2021
4 minute read

The surprising power of checking in with your coworkers

Checking in with your coworkers can have incredible results. Try our 8 tips to boost workplace wellbeing.