The Baseline

19 May 2021
7 minute read

Contract vs permanent work – which is best?

Find out the pros and cons of contracting versus permanent employment with this handy guide and discover which is best for you.

18 May 2021
4 minute read

The best business books that aren’t business books

Six books that blend theory and practical suggestions to shape your business and personal life.

17 May 2021
3 minute read

What is an SME?

What does SME stand for? And why are they important? Learn the definition of SMEs including examples of each type in this guide.

14 May 2021
6 minute read

How to become a freelance photographer

Snap your way to success with our 12 top tips to becoming a freelance photographer from those who have done it themselves.

12 May 2021
4 minute read

What is a photo release form?

A photo release form is a signed agreement between a photographer and a client or subject that outlines how photos can be used.

10 May 2021
4 minute read

Essential legal documents for your business

In this article, we identify the legal documents that are essential to organise when establishing a strong legal grounding for your business

7 May 2021
4 minute read

Auto-renewals cost small businesses billions in 2020

Micro-businesses in the UK lost between £3 - £5.75 billion in 2020 because annual contracts and subscriptions were renewed without their knowledge.

5 May 2021
7 minute read

How to become a self-employed accountant

Ready to become a freelance accountant? Discover the qualifications you'll need, an average freelance accounting salary and how to find your first clients.

30 Apr 2021
2 minute read

What is run-off cover?

If you've retired or are changing careers, run-off cover can protect you from mistakes that come to light after you've stopped working or changed careers.

29 Apr 2021
4 minute read

What is an Employer Reference Number?

Your employer reference number (ERN) is a unique identifier for your business. Our guide walks you through who needs an ERN, why and when.