The Baseline

29 Jun 2021
13 minute read

How to become a freelance writer

Set yourself up for a successful freelance writing career with our 20-step guide to becoming a freelance writer, including setting your rates and landing clients.

28 Jun 2021
11 minute read

The ultimate beginner’s guide to freelancing

Thinking of going freelance? This epic guide has everything you need to get clued up, including the pros, cons, roles, salary, how to start and standing out.

25 Jun 2021
8 minute read

A quick guide to Instagram for builders, decorators and painters

How to use Instagram as a tradesperson to showcase your work and reach new clients.

24 Jun 2021
7 minute read

How to become a yoga instructor

Turn your passion for yoga into a career and learn to become a yoga teacher with these steps, including insights from our resident Yogi, Zena.

17 Jun 2021
6 minute read

Starting a business doesn’t have to be stressful: top tips from 11 founders

Find out how to start a business without stress or worry, with our practical dos and don’ts.

10 Jun 2021
5 minute read

What are the differences between various digital assets?

There are thousands of digital assets out there. Discover which ones you should know about and what makes them special.

7 Jun 2021
2 minute read

Superscript partners with CyberSmart

We've teamed up with the SME cybersecurity specialists to provide free cybersecurity insurance for small businesses.

4 Jun 2021
7 minute read

Starting your own mobile nail business

You’ve got the training under your belt and you’re ready to spread the joy of beautifully manicured nails. We explain how to get your mobile nail business going.

25 May 2021
5 minute read

A guide to post-Brexit travel for UK businesses

The rules for UK business travel in Europe changed on 1st January 2021. Find out how this could impact you.

20 May 2021
6 minute read

How to start a cleaning business

Looking to start a cleaning business in the UK? Our 10-step guide includes everything you need to think about when setting up a cleaning business, including licenses, marketing and more.